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MAKE YOUR TEAM WIN: Barcelona VS Real Madrid

El Clasico of the Earth : The hidden truth between Barcelona and Real Madrid

El Clasico news between Barcelona and Real Madrid are spreading in all the world not only in Spain. This historical game will be held this Sunday at the Camp Nou in for 36th round of La Liga.
Apart from the competition and the titles.We are noticing a huge different vision between the ambitions of the Catalan team that already won the title, and the aspirations of Royal players.

Barcelona is hoping to continue its dominance in the last two seasons against El Merengue in La Liga. Also to prove that they deserve to add the 25th title to their treasuries. Real Madrid are aiming to append the first defeat of the season for Barcelona and forget the three-point loss at home at the end of last year. The Camp Nou, the stronghold of the Catalan club. Will be the focus of the whole world, on a night full of contradictions and hidden goals.

In addition to revenge, Real Madrid hope to put a touch on the end of the Liga season, which has actually gone to Barcelona. And give all its attention to the champions league where they play a wonderful performance, and continue their successful journey  to the final leg. For the third consecutive title and 13 in the club records.

The Future generation against the old one of the Classico!

This Clasico will be the first for the Brazilian star Coutinho who came to Barcelona during the winter Mercato. Therefore the star hopes to make a presentation commensurate with the size of the attention that accompanied his move to the stronghold of the Catalan club.
At the other side, this Clasico will be the last to play for Barcelona’s player, Andres Iniesta. Who announced his departure from the Blaugrana at the end of the season. And perhaps their win will be the best gift to get from his friends.

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NBA stars from Gold to Diamond!

Do you believe that Liverpool made big profits to the NBA star LeBron James?

The American basket legend LeBron James has made a big profit from Liverpool’s qualification to the Champions League final. Therefore the Cleveland Cavaliers player’s investments are turning into Diamond again.
The English Journal  ‘The Sun‘ reported that the NBA Star LeBron James made a profit of £20 million in the past seven years. After the Ridds’ climb to the UEFA Champions League final for the first time in 11 years by beating AS Roma on Wednesday by an aggregate score of 7-6.
LeBron James amount of investment in the club was £4.8 million in 2011. At the other side the club will receive £73.5 million after reaching the final.

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Do you want to learn how to make a golden investment?

LeBron James is one of the first players who’ve made different investments that turned out well for them. In 2014, James made more than $30 million when Beats by Dre sold to Apple.
Last June, Forbes said Liverpool was the eighth valuable soccer team in the world at a value of $1.49 billion. And for LeBron James, last year the magazine mentioned him as the second money-earning athletes in the world. Behind Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo.
The basketball player earns an annual fee of £22.8 million and a total of £63.6 million last year.

From the past, the majority of sports players prefer to invest on restaurants or on real estates. But now we started to notice that others totally moved  their money investments into new directions. Where there are maybe less competitors but more money for sure.

DateTime PMTeams
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La Casa de papel Star has created a WhatsApp group for his fans! No Limits!

La Casa de papel: Does it deserves all this buzz?

Money Heist the crime thriller, known in Spanish as La Casa de Papel. The most-watched series not in the English language.
This Spanish thriller with revolutionary scent, broadcast by Netflix worldwide, has become one of the series that everyone is talking about. Decryption of a success without a hitch, while the new season arrives.

La Casa de papel thriller of the Spanish channel Antena 3 available on Netflix has emerged as the successful surprise of the beginning of this year 2018.
How can we actually explain that a series from a country with a bit known production  stands out as the popular phenomenon serial of the moment?
This story of twists and turns seems the ideal recipe to attract the curious and create “The BUZZ“, between suspense, good feelings and spirit of protest. A clever, intriguing but uneven entertainment, whose final episodes arrive on the VODS platform soon.

An eye catching concept!

Casa de papel follows a group of eight thieves, who enter the Royal Mint of Spain to print their tickets. Locked up with sixty-seven hostages, they plan that the whole mission takes place over the course of 11 days. With the goal to amass a loot of 2.4 billion Euros.
Their charismatic leader, nicknamed the Professor (played by Alvaro Morte), directs the operations from the outside, in a disused shed. A cop, Raquel Murillo, is in charge of leading the negotiations.
La Casa de papel is based on this simple and effective starting point. The Professor, a brilliant puppeteer, seems to have planned everything, even the most unlikely situations.

Hard to know if La Casa de papel would have been such a phenomenon without Netflix. But its success has certainly significant impact on the platform. Therefore as it seems a third season  is  coming soon, with the news being confirmed by Netflix  in Rome. And will be exclusively produced by the streaming giants.
The word of mouth was impressiv. Perhaps encouraged by a wise use of platform algorithms and a highlight to all the episodes once the buzz launched.

As much as the series now has such an enormous following. Its star Alvaro Morte has reported to Press Association meeting fans who have had El Professor’s face tattooed on to their bodies. Also said “We have a What’s App chat group where we put everything that we have seen about ourselves …”

If you still fancy checking this revolutionary series, then head on over to subscribe and watch it here. Enjoy!

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What is IPTV? How does IPTV Service work?

One of the most powerful improvements our world faced is in the twenty first century. That’s when the mobile phone and internet technologies, also  have revolutionized the entire civilization.
However, the life of human have totally affected by this development moves in many sides. Today, in this article we will talk about one of those sides which is Television . TV has been the prime source of entertainment since their commercialization. The internet technology has influenced Televisions. Before the revolution of internet, the conventional methods to serve the television programs are cables, satellite or broadcasting. But now the broadband cables used for internet replaced them . And from that time we started talking and using the online streaming and IPTV service is the most known terms related to that.

Why using IPTV service?

IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where TV programs and Videos are delivered over the internet.
IPTV services  are being widely adopted for major reasons like: Given the viewers the chance to pick the TV program or video they want toward an IPTV Subscription. Also IPTV streaming can be activated on many devices like: Smart TV, Mag, VLC Media Player… In addition to the possibility of tuning into any Live TV show.

Types of IPTV services:

1 – Video on Demand
2 – Near Video on Demand
3 – Time-shifted TV
4 – TV on Demand (TVoD)
5 – Live Television…