IPTV without box is it possible?

iptv without box subscription iptv

IPTV box vs Smart TV – The smarter choice?

IPTV set-top box vs. Smart TV? Once a luxury, TV sets have been a part of standard equipment in practically every home for quite a while now. However, only recently has the advancing technology enabled TV sets to become more than just a costly entertainment service for the guests. As ever-increasing broadband internet connectivity is firmly making the Internet the prevailing channel of TV content delivery, TV sets now don’t offer just a whole new level of experience for the guests, but also an amazing new opportunity for channels to directly reach and communicate their contents to their audiences.

There are two ways of utilizing the enhanced capabilities of the so-called Internet Protocol television (or IPTV) in hotels. It can be done either through a separate device called IPTV set-top-box connected to the TV set or through a so-called Smart TV, that has IPTV functionality already built-in.

IPTV without box directly on your TV?

Yes it is possible to watch your favorite channels directly on your TV without going through a box.
The solution is to order an IPTV service and have a smart TV that will allow you to install applications adapted to the IPTV service.

Samsung Smart TV

In order to watch IPTV channels, you must activate the Smart IPTV application. After installing since Samsung Apps Store of course.
The Smart IPTV app offers you a free trial of 7 days, after which you have to activate it for a fee of 5.49$. The activation procedure is simple it is done on the site of the application.
You can also install other applications such as Perfect Player or STB Emu …

iptv without box subscription iptv

LG Or Philips TV

For these two TVs, the ideal application to benefit from the IPTV service is SS IPTV, you can consult our article “install ss IPTV on a smart tv” to fully understand the approach to follow.

Other TV

For another smart tv you have to look on their Stores if they have an application among them.
(Perfect Player, OTT Player, Kodi or other application adapt with streaming IPTV video.


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