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What is IPTV? How does IPTV Service work?

One of the most powerful improvements our world faced is in the twenty first century. That’s when the mobile phone and internet technologies, also  have revolutionized the entire civilization.
However, the life of human have totally affected by this development moves in many sides. Today, in this article we will talk about one of those sides which is Television . TV has been the prime source of entertainment since their commercialization. The internet technology has influenced Televisions. Before the revolution of internet, the conventional methods to serve the television programs are cables, satellite or broadcasting. But now the broadband cables used for internet replaced them . And from that time we started talking and using the online streaming and IPTV service is the most known terms related to that.

Why using IPTV service?

IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where TV programs and Videos are delivered over the internet.
IPTV services  are being widely adopted for major reasons like: Given the viewers the chance to pick the TV program or video they want toward an IPTV Subscription. Also IPTV streaming can be activated on many devices like: Smart TV, Mag, VLC Media Player… In addition to the possibility of tuning into any Live TV show.

Types of IPTV services:

1 – Video on Demand
2 – Near Video on Demand
3 – Time-shifted TV
4 – TV on Demand (TVoD)
5 – Live Television…

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