Top Five Sports Habits that will change after Covid-19

How sports habits will change after Coronavirus?

For the past few months Coronavirus was the news hero around the world. As it affected not only public health, society, or economy but also sports habits.

Now, as the world is trying to return to its normal life, sports games started to recover from a long period of no-games at all.

Games returning dates:

UFC — May 9

Bundesliga — May 16
NASCAR — May 17
IndyCar — June 6
MLS — June 8
Premier League — June 8
MLB Spring Training — June 10
PGA Tour — June 11
La Liga — June 12
NWSL — Late June
MLB Regular Season — July 1
Formula 1 — July 3
WTA Tour — July 13
ATP — June 8
LPGA Tour — July 16
European Tour — July 30
Kentucky Derby — September 5
NFL — September 10
French Open — September 20
The Masters — November
Euro 2020 — June 2021

Benefits of physical activities

Beside healthy foods, the sport was always known as the best measure to gain physical fitness and mental wellness.
To know more about the Covid-19, medical research showed people that practice sports have a strong immune system.

As we mentioned the advantage of sport to our health we have to be aware that there are continuous infection risks and concerns about “COVID-19.

People should understand that social interaction increases the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2. And spreading the virus to family members and the community.

With Coronavirus pandemic, new rules established:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Maintain social distance.

With such guidelines, sports rituals are going to change to respect health rules.

What are the top sports habits that may disappear?


The beautiful picture that we used to see for cute children holding hands of players will disappear!
Before the sports shutdown, in top football leagues, they abandoned Pre-match handshakes?
The NBA urged players to opt for the fist bump rather than the long-standing high-five.

handshake-sports habits


I must admit that this is the hardy rule, how can be afar from each other in a group game?
Most countries’ authorities that have allowed football teams to go back to training have emphasized on individual sessions and social-distancing. 

In South Korea, goal celebrations, and talks have all been banned under strict new safety guidelines. In England, tackles have already been banned in training.

social-distancing-sports habits


Can you imagine your favorite sports player wearing a face mask during the game?
And not having the chance to see his face reactions?

At the moment, the face mask is the one thing worn. Spitting, coughing, or sneezing in public places are not allowed.
This might also apply to the pitch. Athletes/Sportsmen would have to limit their spitting.

spitting- sports habits

Exchanging jerseys or towels:

Barcelona star Lionel Messi has broken the “La Liga” health protocol to avoid an outbreak of Coronavirus.
Messi replaced the shirt with a Real Mallorca player, after the end of the 28th round of the League. Which is in violation of the rules of the Spanish league protocol.

The health protocol of Lega makes recommendations on some points, but it prohibits the exchange of shirts after the game ends.
He said that all players should hand over the shirts to sports equipment officials, who put them in antiseptic bags.

Lionel_Messi-FC_Barcelona-Futbol_sports habits

Signing autographs:

Signing autographs to fans could also be a past sports habit. Basketball players are not going to sign fans’ items in a bid to stop close contact.

Signing autographs- sports habits

Final word:

Each one of us is waiting for the date they will announce the end of Coronavirus, to return to our normal life.
But as we are praying for that, it’s obliged to respect all the safety rules.

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coronavirus subscription iptv

How to use IPTV while the Coronavirus pandemic?

The world is reducing the number of seaborne containers to stop the Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus is still spreading in all the world, people are confusing how to use the IPTV service without an Android box as they can’t order one!

Shipping companies that carry goods from China to the rest of the world say they are reducing the number of seaborne containers. As measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 crimp demand for their services and approach to disrupting global supply chains.

About 80% of world assets trade by volume is carried by sea and China is home to seven of the world’s 10 busiest container ports. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Nearby Singapore and South Korea each have a mega port too.

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coronavirus sport

How Corona virus has impacted sporting events around the world?

The spread of coronavirus has impacted the presentation of sporting events around the world

COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has affected more than 3 million people worldwide pandemic.

Today you are going to know the top two sports categories that were affected by the pandemic.

Coronavirus quarantine encourage people to use IPTV
IPTV without box is it possible?


Coronavirus in Africa

The African Nations Championship 2020 soccer tournament scheduled for April in Cameroon has been suspended indefinitely.

On April 12, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced the postponement of the two-legged semi-finals of the African Champions League that were supposed to take place in May.

The CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) Nations League Finals, which were scheduled for June 4 to June 7, have been suspended. The finals, due to be contested by Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States and held in the Houston and Dallas areas of Texas, will be rescheduled for a later date in venues to be determined.

Covid 19 across Europe

The Euro 2020 tournament has been postponed until 2021, European football’s governing body UEFA said in a statement on March 17. UEFA said that the 24-team tournament, which was due to be staged in 12 nations across the continent from June 12 to July 12 this year, would now take place from June 11 to July 11, 2021.

On April 23, UEFA also postponed the Euro 2021 Women’s championship, and it will now be played in England from July 6 to July 31, in the same venues that were originally proposed to host the event.

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coronavirus football iptv


Russia Coronavirus

In Russia, football has been suspended until April 10. The Russian league was the best-attended sports competition still operating in Europe with more than 33,000 fans at one of its games, but the Russian Football Union agreed to immediately suspend all competitions at a meeting on March 17.

Germany Coronavirus

In Germany, the top-flight Bundesliga has been on hold since March 13, with the German Football League recommending clubs not to return to training until April 5. Bayern Munich football team announced their players will return to training “in small groups from Monday, 6 April” with no members of the public present.

Covid-19 in South America

This year’s Copa America has been postponed until 2021, the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) said on March 17. The 12-team tournament had originally been scheduled to take place from June 12 to July 12 in Colombia and Argentina.

Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have concluded the Tokyo 2020 Olympics must be postponed. 

The decision was made after holding out for weeks as local organizers and the IOC came under increasing pressure from athletes, national Olympic bodies and sports federations.

The event will now take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021. 

coronavirus sport iptv


Major sporting events have been canceled or postponed. The most significant one that was due to take place in Japan this summer was the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Football games were also affected buy Covid-19

We will continue informing you about the full list of sporting events that are affected by the pandemic.

Enjoy your Covid-19 Quarantine!

coronavirus quarantine

Coronavirus quarantine encourage people to use IPTV

Use IPTV to entertain your family during Coronavirus lockdown

If you can choose one worldwide topic to discuss nowadays, what would it be?
Yes, you are right, it’s Coronavirus!

As concerts are delayed, sporting games are canceled, schools are closed and tourist hot places are shut down, Doctors advise that even those who show no sign of illness stay home during this time of the global pandemic. 

COVID-19 obliged you to self-quarantine

Although staying at home is the correct decision to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, it could lead to a minor issue: Boredom and bustle craziness. 

What’s there to do while corona lockdown? 

We are suggesting for you 1 thing that can compile 10 to 100 other suggestions elsewhere to help make your time quarantined interesting and productive as much as possible. 

  • Do you want to change your lifestyle
  • Practice sport as a professional?
  • Learn how to cook?
  • Watch your favorite series?
  • Or just spend quality time with your family in front of a great movie?


  • Certain ideas shared on the post were quoted from original ones. Thank you!

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