world cup russia 2018

World Cup Russia 2018: A wonderful organization… High insurance… And the atmosphere is incomplete yet!

After a long wait, the Russian World Cup started, and a lot of evaluations and impressions started with it.
Including the technical and team performance, also the organizational aspects, and the atmosphere surrounding the tournament in general.
It may be difficult to talk about the technical aspects now. Especially with the bad performance of the big teams, which put a lot of question marks. In exchange for a distinct level of some infamous teams.
But at the organizational level, the picture remains clearer. After they tested all the cities and stadiums, and the procedures also.
At the highest level, the tournament is guaranteed to ensure a great World cup Russia 2018 event and the safety of the fans.

High-security measures

If you want to participate in any event related to the tournament, whether going to the stadiums or to the fans’ areas, you have to go through many stringent security measures.
A security cordon, around the stadiums, imposed in a circle that sometimes expands to a few kilometers.

Transitions are relatively easy

On the transfer level, it was an acceptable experience, despite the terrible distances between the cities which are hosting the big event.
Travel ways range from flying, which is certainly the fastest, and the trains divided into two types.  Including the fastest, through the use of the bullet train or Sapsan, which saves a lot of time.

The Spirit of the World cup Russia 2018

With access to Russian cities, things look calm, with no big features of the World Cup, but as soon as you get to the heart of the cities, some features appear, either around stadiums or in the fan areas.
Appearances in Russia are relatively started to widespread, after the team’s achievement, winning two matches and ensuring qualification.

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LeBron James NBA subscription iptv

NBA stars from Gold to Diamond!

Do you believe that Liverpool made big profits to the NBA star LeBron James?

The American basket legend LeBron James has made a big profit from Liverpool’s qualification to the Champions League final. Therefore the Cleveland Cavaliers player’s investments are turning into Diamond again.
The English Journal  ‘The Sun‘ reported that the NBA Star LeBron James made a profit of £20 million in the past seven years. After the Ridds’ climb to the UEFA Champions League final for the first time in 11 years by beating AS Roma on Wednesday by an aggregate score of 7-6.
LeBron James amount of investment in the club was £4.8 million in 2011. At the other side the club will receive £73.5 million after reaching the final.

liverpool lebron james iptv subscription

Do you want to learn how to make a golden investment?

LeBron James is one of the first players who’ve made different investments that turned out well for them. In 2014, James made more than $30 million when Beats by Dre sold to Apple.
Last June, Forbes said Liverpool was the eighth valuable soccer team in the world at a value of $1.49 billion. And for LeBron James, last year the magazine mentioned him as the second money-earning athletes in the world. Behind Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo.
The basketball player earns an annual fee of £22.8 million and a total of £63.6 million last year.

From the past, the majority of sports players prefer to invest on restaurants or on real estates. But now we started to notice that others totally moved  their money investments into new directions. Where there are maybe less competitors but more money for sure.

  • Certain ideas shared on the post were quoted from original ones. Thank you!
DateTime PMTeams
04/058:00Warriors VS Pelicans
04/0510:30Rockets VS Jazz
05/055:00Celtics VS 75ers
05/0508:30Raptors VS Cavaliers
06/053:30Warriors VS Pelicans
06/058:00Rockets VS Jazz
07/0506:00Celtics VS 75ers
07/058:30Raptors VS Cavaliers
08/058:00Jazz VS Rockets
08/0510:30Pelicans VS Warriors