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How to install and configure Kodi on Windows or Mac

Have you heard of Kodi, the open-source mac, Linux, and windows media center application?

In this tutorial, we will explain how to install, configure, and use this new app on windows and mac.
For a few years, Kodi is becoming an increasingly popular solution for watching streaming movies,  including illegal. The most known feature of it is its ability to install unofficial extensions.
Some of them, however, open the opportunity to a catalog of films to watch with pressure on the remote control!
The program and its extensions are booming, such that even the best installed illegal streaming platforms fear this new ecosystem created by Kodi. In short, this program will quickly find its place in your living room …

How to install and configure Kodi?

On, Windows Media Center already exists natively but is not very customizable. As for macs, since the disappearance of Front Row, OS X / macOS is now devoid of a native media center. Among many of the available solutions, Kodi represents a good alternative.
Derived from the XBMC open source project, Kodi is fully customizable! Installed on a Mac mini, a mini pc, or even a Raspberry Pi, it will turn your compact computer into an excellent media center for your living room.


On PC:
-Download Kodi by going on this link
-Launch the .exe file and follow the instructions that appear on the screen

-Download Kodi by going to this link
-Open the .dmg file and drag Kodi to your Applications folder


Kodi does not need much to be fully functional. His main problem? The interface depends greatly on the theme and is therefore not always as intuitive as one would like. By default, for example, the interface is in English. In addition, the different sections – Images, Videos, and Music are empty after installation.
Let’s change all that!

Change to French or any other language

-Go to System> Settings> Appearance

-In the left column, select International
-Then Language in the adjacent area – then select French
Then, Kodi will automatically download and install the missing packages, and the interface will be instantly translated into French.

Add sources to populate sections

-Go to Images, Videos, or Music
-Click Add Source
-Click Browse
-Navigate to the location of your photos/videos/music files (strike out the details)
-Click OK

The folder containing your content is now added to the corresponding parent section. This will make it easier for you to access!

  • Certain ideas shared on the post were quoted from original ones. Thank you!
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Best 3 IPTV Youtube Channels

IPTV steps in History!

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This term of IPTV was first appeared in 1995 with by Judith Estrin and Bill Carrico.
Since this year, the improvement of IPTV didn’t stop and most of the countries started their own companies to invent a unique IPTV service.

Few start-up companies of IPTV since its invention:

1999: A regional telecommunications operator in the UK called Kingston Communications, was one of the first companies in the world to introduce IPTV and IP VOD over ADSL as a commercial service.
1999: Bell Aliant was the first to commercially deploy Internet protocol television over DSL in Canada.
2005: The North American company named SureWest Communications was the first in its place to offer high-definition television (HDTV) channels over an IPTV service.
2005: Bredbandsbolaget launched its IPTV service as the first service provider in Sweden.

IPTV has been widely used to distribute television and audio-visual (AV) media around businesses and commercial sites, whether as live TV channels or Video on Demand (VOD). Therefore, with the huge improvement of technology wither the IPTV services or even social media. People started to create their own youtube channels to explain and share their knowledge of IPTV.

Inside the IPTV youtube channels

Today we are going to share with you a list of 3 English IPTV youtube channels that upload videos related to IPTV in a creative way.


The first channel we are going toward is HONEST FRED’S of Frederick Fosu. Since 2017vfor each week HONEST FRED’S add new video related to his subscriber’s questions about technology, product reviews, tutorials. His great content is around different ways to save money using his special tips and tricks. Most of the how-to videos are about installing your IPTV on multiple devices or even your PlayStation games.
Frederick Fosu is the feedback guy who can answer all your thoughts in videos, comments, also on his Facebook Group.

To get in touch with HONEST FRED’S:
* Facebook
* Youtube


The second youtube channel we are sharing with you is the SOLO MAN platform. He shares all the knowledge he has about tens of devices like Apple tv, Smart tv, Kodi, Roku, Nvidia shield, Fire tv sticks, and all that is related to the IPTV world. Solo Man is the real streaming person with 49 892 952 views all the information he affords to his fans within youtube or Facebook. In addition to the unboxing videos of the new products on the market to give his viewers a real vision before purchasing any product.

To contact Solo Man:
* Youtube
* Google+


With more than 160 videos, the JP HIGH TEK INC is one of the English youtube channels that are interested in IPTV services.
From 2016 to now and with more than 3 897 300 views, this channel provides you the steps you need for your Kodi, android box, and many more. JP Hightek is a department of Perfect Zone Productions company that provides many services.
Time to time this channel creates different giveaways to its subscribers, so go quick and get your chance!

* Facebook
* Website

Those are our 3 English youtube channels that provide information about IPTV, but as we all know the world of IPTV is huge and we all need more than one platform to get our questions answered. Therefore if any one of you has another favorite IPTV youtube channel be free to share it with us!

  • Certain ideas shared on the post were quoted from original ones. Thank you!