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Top World cup moments

This is why football is more than just a game!

Football is not a normal sports competition in which the contestants seek to win prizes and titles. But it’s a destination where we live many feelings and humanitarian meanings.
Here are some of the “human” footage documented by the cameras of the World Cup Russia 2018 away from great goals, missed opportunities and the enthusiasm of the fans.

1-Oscar Tabarez…The Will is stronger than Disability

Before the 2018 World Cup, Tabarez suffered a rare neurological illness that slowly paralyzed his body. But this did not lead him to retire from training. He was determined to continue the challenge and try to carry out his project with his country or walk among the players in the green arena, driving an electric bicycle.
Football has been described by many as “the sport of the mighty.” A person’s injury may cause him to be sidelined, but Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez has decided to give us all a role model in the challenge of disability.

In Croatia … The children happiness

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After the Croatians qualified, a group of Croatian children, dressed in their national uniform, rushed to the stadium and started jogging around the pitch.
With a great difficulty, the Croatian team managed to win a legendary victory over England in the semifinals, with a winning goal during the second half extra, after the original time drew the two teams to each goal; for the first time in its history to the World Cup final with his French counterpart.

kolinda grabar kitarović… When defeat smile

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One of the most eye-catching scenes during the World Cup was the president of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grapar Kitarović, who was keen to attend most of her country’s matches. She appeared wearing the national team’s shirt. She did not prevent herself from dancing or showing
joy with Every step taken by the Croatian team towards the title.

Peter Schmeichel… Proud father

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Peter Schmeichel was present during his country’s game with Croatia in the 16th round. His son Casper, keeper of Leicester City, took charge of the Danish den. The moment Kasper managed to repel a penalty kick by Croatian captain Luka Modric, The father screams with
enthusiasm and joy at his son.

Team of Japan… Another planet

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The fans of the Japanese team, who were shown more than once after the matches, cleaned up their places in the stands before leaving. This impressed many of the social networking leaders, who viewed the images as proof of their sophistication and urbanization. Citizens of the “Planet of Japan”.

Isco and Piquet… Lifesavers

Spain’s players Gerrard Pique and Francesco Isco were able to win the admiration of the masses and animal rights organizations after they rescued a small bird, just moments before the start of their country’s national team game against Iran in the first round.

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world cup russia 2018

World Cup Russia 2018: A wonderful organization… High insurance… And the atmosphere is incomplete yet!

After a long wait, the Russian World Cup started, and a lot of evaluations and impressions started with it.
Including the technical and team performance, also the organizational aspects, and the atmosphere surrounding the tournament in general.
It may be difficult to talk about the technical aspects now. Especially with the bad performance of the big teams, which put a lot of question marks. In exchange for a distinct level of some infamous teams.
But at the organizational level, the picture remains clearer. After they tested all the cities and stadiums, and the procedures also.
At the highest level, the tournament is guaranteed to ensure a great World cup Russia 2018 event and the safety of the fans.

High-security measures

If you want to participate in any event related to the tournament, whether going to the stadiums or to the fans’ areas, you have to go through many stringent security measures.
A security cordon, around the stadiums, imposed in a circle that sometimes expands to a few kilometers.

Transitions are relatively easy

On the transfer level, it was an acceptable experience, despite the terrible distances between the cities which are hosting the big event.
Travel ways range from flying, which is certainly the fastest, and the trains divided into two types.  Including the fastest, through the use of the bullet train or Sapsan, which saves a lot of time.

The Spirit of the World cup Russia 2018

With access to Russian cities, things look calm, with no big features of the World Cup, but as soon as you get to the heart of the cities, some features appear, either around stadiums or in the fan areas.
Appearances in Russia are relatively started to widespread, after the team’s achievement, winning two matches and ensuring qualification.

  • Certain ideas shared on the post were quoted from original ones. Thank you!