Top 5 Netflix series to watch on June

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The unavoidable new Netflix series!

Who says June, perhaps also says Netflix series and the viewing of one or more streamed channels of its catalog.

June 5: 13 Reasons Why season 4

With the end of high school on the horizon, Clay and his friends try to stay one step ahead while the secrets of their past threaten their future. Someone will indeed seek justice for Monty, unjustly accused of the murder of Bryce. The series will end at the end of season 4: Dylan Minnette and the other actors in the cast will, therefore, bid farewell, not without having completed the loop.

13 reasons why

June 19: The Politician season 2

Betrayal, love triangle, and unique themed program are the ingredients of an election campaign for the position of the senator that Payton will do everything to win. Ryan Murphy’s political and comic series is back this summer, to the delight of Ben Platt fans, Zoey Deutch and Lucie Boynton. Season 2 will take place entirely in New York.

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June 27: Dark season 3

Dark, the German series from Netflix returns to twist our brains with a season 3 which will once again take us back in time and parallel universes. The good news? We will finally have all the answers to our questions.

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HIGHLIGHTS on The New Netflix Series

June 18: The Order season 2

At the University of Belgrave, the rivalry between werewolves and magicians reaches its climax, until an even greater danger threatens them all. The Order, the Netflix fantasy series, is halfway between The Vampire Diaries and The Magicians.

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June 26: Fuller House: 20 years after the final season

After bringing their baby home, Jimmy and Steph can count on the entire household to help them assume their new role as parents. The clap of the end for the continuation of the cult sitcom: the Tanner-Fullers and the Giblers will bid farewell for the last time.

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Enjoy your new month of June with a full great Netflix Series!

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